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Hidroclear de Costa Rica - BebederosAs a final product of the complete water system we offer water units, water throughs and water dispatchers. We are representing for Costa Rica Elkay, company leader that handles  Elkay marks and the excellent Halsey Taylor. Water throughs and cooling units are easily combinable with equipment of water purification of our HidroClear line.

Cooling units of high quality for diverse applications. Water throughs for wall, to interlock, of floor, for high temperatures, on approval of explosion, with sensor of movement, anti vandalism, etc.

We accompanied a list by the saving that is obtained with this equipment, according to the consumption of bottles per week.

These equipment is paid with the saving from 6 to 10 months in bottled water

Hidroclear de Costa Rica Bebederos
Hidroclear de Costa Rica  - Bebederos

For further information please contact us:

Vida en la Tierra S.A.
Phone. (506) 2282-0100 / Fax. (506) 2582-1028
P.O.Box: 915-1250 SAN JOSE


Santa Ana, Diagonal a la Cruz Roja. Frente a Gasolinera Analot. Bodega 1 contigua a la cancha de Futbol 5 .

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