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Hidroclear de Costa Rica - SuavizaciónSofteners

Residential / Commercial Light   SoftClear Soft
The SoftClear Smoothers use the last technology in interchange ionic to eliminate undesirable minerals of the water like calcium and magnesium. These minerals that cause the incrustations (fouling) are eliminated by means of the passage of the water by the cationic resin column specially formulated for applications of water smoothing.

All the resins that we used in our equipment count on certification from National Science Foundation for potable water use, which offers a greater confidence in the water processed by the system.

Hidroclear de Costa Rica - SuavizaciónTypical problems of the hard water

It causes forts incrustations in keys, heaters, baths
Spot clothes, utensils, glasses, etc.
It produces incrustations in the pipes of the water network, in individual of the hot water.
The soaps and shampoo do not dissolve correctly which causes skin and parched hair.

Advantages to use a   SoftClear Smoother

Aid to have the clean pipes
It extends to the life of ironworks and keys
It protects of water heater incrustations
making them more efficient
Smoother hair and skin.
The cost in soap consumption diminishes.

Optional characteristics of the systems

Systems of automatic or manual cleaning of sleeves
Sanitary connections
Finished 25 or 15 Ra
Alarm for high temperature detection.

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