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Hidroclear Costa Rica

Hidroclear de Costa Rica - CalidadProfessional systems in water purification

This complete technology in water purification, is available for you, at very accessible prices,  for Residences, Hotels , Industry, Commerce, Property, Hospitals, etc.
To use ultraviolet technology for the potable water disinfection is a guessed right decision. By its respect to the nature and effectiveness widely proven, it represents the future of the disinfection anywhere in the world.
Trojan Technologies has used its ample scientific experience and technique to develop new line of systems UV, high performance for residential use, commercial and industrial.
Sample of it is the line Trojan UVMax which uses the last one more and innovating technology UV to eliminate bacteria, virus and other pathogens agents of the water in a fast and effective way.

Disinfection process :

When the bacteria, virus or other microorganisms expose themselves to rays UV (with dose of 38.000 vw/seg/cm2), its capacity of reproduction is eliminated, what it turns them inoffensive for the human health. In addition to his effectiveness and security, rays UV do not alter the chemical qualities of water, neither flavor, color nor scent, but that only eliminates the risk of diseases caused by microbial contamination, causing that the water is apt for human consumption .

Our objective:

It is to defend your health and the one of your family, collaborating in which it is used pure extreme water in its meals and drinks of its house, establishment or industry, by means of a practical product, economic , safe and friendly environment.
The problems of contamination in the national potable  water network of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, which had to its lack of maintenance in but of 800 kms, this causing problems very delicate in the health of the population, from you become cancerous gastric originated in the excess of chlorine, calculations due to the excess of serious sediments and gastrointestinal infections caused by virus, bacteria and rest of organic pesticides or hidrocarbures and compounds that are susceptible to be present in the water that we consumed.

Our means:

To offer to a true service of sale and post sale, maintaining a base of data of our clients, in order that its equipment of purification and treatment works to the 100% of their capacity in the time.

Hidroclear counts like support of its line of products, with representation of three prestigious marks, you lead in its sectors:
Industrial Harmsco : The USA, for all the necessities of filtration being based on simple and filter rack  cartridges manifold stainless steel cartridges, for the home and companies very sophisticated.

Trojan Technologies:
Canada, in which one also talks about to disinfection and water preparation of nobody origin and destiny.

General Electric/ Osmonics/-USA:
Reverse osmosis: elimination of salts, pesticides, hidrocarbures, etc

Softeners: elimination of hardness of the water, calcium and magnesium.

Multimedia : for waters very loaded of sediments and special problems like iron elimination, undesirable manganese, arsenic and other minerals.

Our strategy:

To be the water specialists, basing to us on values of honesty, high satisfaction of the client, customized sale, constant innovation technological reliable and proven in the product sale that really covers all the phantom of filtration and purification.

Hidroclear de Costa Rica - Calidad

For further information please contact us:

Vida en la Tierra S.A.
Phone. (506) 2282-0100 / Fax. (506) 2582-1028
P.O.Box: 915-1250 SAN JOSE


Santa Ana, Diagonal a la Cruz Roja. Frente a Gasolinera Analot. Bodega 1 contigua a la cancha de Futbol 5 .

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